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FODM short for 'Fundamentals of Digital Marketing' is the premier digital marketing site for beginners providing the best resources on digital marketing through blogs, reports videos, frameworks, Q&A and much more.
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51 Hottest DM Jobs In India

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    digital marketing strategy
    Crack the code to Digital Marketing
    Unleash Emerging Trends and Careers in Digital Marketing

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      About Book

      Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a comprehensive India-specific textbook that cracks the digital marketing ‘code’ with a view to reaching, engaging, and serving the ever-changing consumer. Empowered with a clear writing style, this edition starts from base zero, and explains key digital marketing fundamentals to those new to the subject. The book presents multiple industry-relevant frameworks for successful digital marketing and caters to the need of not only management students but also media professionals, marketing managers, brand marketers, budding entrepreneurs and even individuals seeking to create a personal brand online and understand the basics of digital marketing concepts, tools, and techniques from grounds-up.

      digital marketing training
      Digital Transformation Model

      Showcases transformation elements for each of the four key stakeholders- Suppliers, Internal Teams, Intermediaries and Customers across three key transformation types (Automation, Digitization, Collaboration).

      learn digital marketing
      Digital Marketing
      Analytics Measurement Framework

      Comprehensive Digital Marketing Analytics Measurement Framework to measure qualitative and quantitative analytics in an integrated manner across all 3 digital media types- Owned, Earned and Paid Media.

      digital marketing
      6S Digital Strategy
      Implementation Framework

      Custom Digital Marketing Implementation Framework for each product depending on its presence across six Product Life Cycle stages (Scoping, Shadow, Set-up, Scalability, Scale-up and Spectrum)

      ascor digital marketing framework
      digital marketing framework
      Want to Unlock the Potential of your Digital Marketing?
      Download the ‘ASCOR Digital Marketing Framework’ Infographic

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        Puneet Singh Bhatia
        about the author

        Puneet Singh Bhatia is a digital marketing and media professional with over 13 years of experience in providing marketing consulting, operations and delivery services for prestigious international and Indian clients including Google, Viacom, RTL Group, Wiley, New York Times, Apple, Twitter, Reliance, Hindu, Hindustan Times, Anand Bazaar Patrika, etc. Throughout his career Puneet has led digital marketing projects across social, search, display, mobile, video, programmatic among other areas of digital marketing.

        Post MBA from IIM-Bangalore, Puneet has led industry-transforming digital marketing projects. At Axtria, he presently holds a leadership position at one of the fastest growing big data and decision Sciences Company serving global clients across sales and marketing functions.

        In recognition of his efforts, in 2016 he was cited with the ‘100 Most Influential Marketing Tech Leaders Award’ by World Marketing Congress and CMO Council. ‘Fundamentals of Digital Marketing’ is Puneet’s second book title, post adaptation of an academic textbook on ‘E-Marketing’ for Pearson India in 2015.

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