Digital Marketing Overview: Scope and advantages
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Digital Marketing Overview: Scope and advantages

Digital Marketing Overview: Scope and advantages

The importance of Digital marketing overview can be overstated as today digital marketing has become indispensable for almost all types of businesses, organizations and if we dare say to even individuals. There is not a day today when each of us at a personal, professional or societal do not interact or are not affected by digital marketing. From the time we open WhatsApp in the morning to check messages from our social groups to the time we hit the first search on Google to looking at the latest scoreboard on our smartphone cricketing app, we are interacting with digital media and applications and being affected by digital marketing all the while.

Digital Marketing Overview (Key Applications for Marketers)

A Digital Marketing overview involves understanding key applications for marketers utilizing Digital marketing channels and platforms:

  1. Digital Marketing to enhance revenues- The most pertinent application of all business models is the potential to increase revenue beyond present numbers and digital does so in multiple ways. From top branded product manufacturers to local small and medium businesses are embracing to the power of digital to get enhanced revenues and move from just a physical sales model to an omni-present sales channel where the biggest orders can come in at times and from locations not even known to the marketing manager
  2. Digital Marketing to amplify brand presence- Marketing done only across traditional channels is typically time-consuming and requires a large effort to gather new prospect base. Digital marketing helps reach out to newer target segments in a much lesser time-span and helps amplify brand presence multiple times over
  3. Support information seeking and customer validation exercise- Digital marketing’s biggest application for marketers is that it helps provide multiple channels where the customer can gather information, compare the product and validate his purchase decision gathering comments and thoughts from multiple online sources which he was not able to do in the physical world
  4. Develop customized forms of consumption (like Apps and Social Pages for targeted communities)- One of the most interesting aspects of Digital application is towards creation of targeted low-cost apps, social media pages, curated articles on interest blogs and platforms, which provide a way to personalize not only information but also how it is accessed with the most relative ease by the target segment which the marketer wants to involve
  5. Mixing multiple digital channels and online-offline media- With newer innovations like recent integration of twitter with e-commerce companies to place orders in e-carts by inclusion of special hashtags in their tweets, marketers are utilizing multiple digital media platforms and integrating online-offline media to help customers complete the purchase cycle, whichever medium, channel or platform they are on. These growing integrations we believe will impact even the most physical of industries like agriculture and healthcare in ways never thought of before
  6. Instant response generation mechanism to negative customer feedback- We have seen a lot of instances wherein brands have not only able to identify when customers are not feeling good about certain products and experiences on offer but have also been able to avert huge losses and save face in the outcry of customer of key issues important to them both on the product and the brand. In some instances digital media has even led to companies take back stocks worth millions of their wares to maintain customer trust and brand integrity.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Below are the most important benefits marketers should expect for their investment in Digital marketing initiatives

  1. Provides a level playing field be it a small or large business
  2. Much cheaper to run campaigns, collaborate and analyze insights
  3. Helps reach out to customers in a real-time manner based on their latest actions
  4. Easier to measure effectiveness of a campaign or a marketing message
  5. Viral Effect- Includes ability of instant mass-market reach of a strong concept
  6. Provides greater engagement with the use of imagery, content, information, customer support and personalization
  7. Utilizes multiple technologies and collaborative platforms available to harness the power of big data and internet reach to the fullest
  8. Is a medium to understand customer segments and their actions better
  9. Helps understand customer intent across multi-channel platforms 
  10. Utilize the power of social networks to reach out to multiple users in a trusted environment
  11. Integrates traditional campaigns to extend the reach of branding to its longest possible tail
  12. Change marketing messaging based upon latest feedback or acceptance to campaigns
  13. Make collaboration, feedback and continued engagement with brand possible in online offline mode

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